The Wildland Chronicles

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kincentric rewilding

The Wildland Chronicles

The Wildland Chronicles

A Trilogy of Kincentric Rewilding

Book I


Subtitle: Kincentric Rewilding, Science, & A Tale of Letting Go.

Hunter-husbandman and renowned storyteller D. Firth Griffith renders a tale of hope at the end of the world through an artful blend of narrative, reflection, and scientific inquiry, questioning why our current worldview isn’t working and offering a kincentric and Earthen gift in its place.

Release Date: NOW!

Book II


Subtitle: Kincentric Rewilding, Deep History, and The Nature of Release

Release Date: Winter, 2025.

Book III


Subtitle: Kincentric Rewilding, Fire, and the Hope at The End of the World

Release Date: Autumn, 2025.