A Regenerative Wildland

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We are a leading regenerative farm in Central Virginia that is transitioning our nearly 400 acre landscape into a rich wildland — a process-led & emergent conservation — to foster ecoststem restoration, greater carbon sequestration, healthy meats, bio-diversity, and wild-species habitat.

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Wildland Tours

Stop and smell the flowers, hear the story of the oak, and witness rich mixed-grassland regeneration via wild animal impact.


Wildland Camping

Luxurious camping on the side of hill and on the edge of our woodland, surrounded by nearly 400 acres of the Timshel’s rewilding project. This is real wildlife camping.


Wild Meats

Animals are the drivers of ecosystem regeneration, habitat restoration, and overall system’s health. Join the community of nature by eating wild.

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Daniel Boone Biography

Exciting Book Release!

“A tantalizing biography for those who love and live for wild places.”

This new release and acclaimed work is a sensative and rich biography that uses the figurehead of Daniel Boone to more deftly examine the complex and problematic mythology of American frontier history.

Understanding the man of Daniel Boone sheds light into understanding the shadowy mythology of American history. Boone: An Unfinished Portrait is a search party to find Daniel Boone, its journey is that of his story’s canvas, and its purpose is to uncover a man to unfurl a hope built in reciprocity, connection, and understanding. If history is the art of trying to know better, then this book is written for those who are ready for the task—to unveil the woods of our mythology and discover a story that we may not be entirely comfortable with. The lesson of this story is not progress, but pain, not empire, but empathy. This is the story of just a man—a great man but a man nonetheless. Perhaps, that makes it the very best kind of American story.

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