v. to let go. to lose control. to be.

Timshel Wildland is a 400-acre regenerative, process-led, and emergent conservation wildland in Nelson County, Virginia that is regenerating our relationship to nature so that we can regenerate our soils, sequester carbon, increase bio-diversity, nourish through nutrient-rich foods, and heal our communities.

Timshel Wildland is the demonstration site and landbase of the Robinia Institute, a regional Hub of the Savory Institute that offers courses, consultations, and apprenticeships in the fields of natural citizenship, holistic management, and wild ecology. Under Timshel's leadership, Robinia is pioneering land transition and regenerative scaling capital and consulting projects alongside bioregion-wide producer network emergence to co-create a uniformly diverse abundance in their region.

To grow is a communal verb.

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