Rewilding Central Virginia

Reawakening the Wild.


v. to let go. to lose control. to be.

Rewilding Nelson County, Virginia with 100% grass-fed and finished cattle, heritage & holistically foraged pigs, and 100% grass-fed sheep.

Timshel Wildland is a 400-acre regenerative, process-led, and emergent conservation wildland in Nelson County, Virginia that is regenerating our relationship to nature so that we can regenerate our soils, sequester carbon, increase bio-diversity, nourish through nutrient-rich foods, and heal our communities.

All life nurtured in the Wildland is free from toxic chemicals (pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, hormone stimulants, vaccinations, fertilizers, etc.), undue stress, excessive input, and is free to live an emergent life of natural abundance. We never wean, separate, or castrate any of our animals.

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Rewilding Central Virginia


Nourishing Meats

To nourish, we must first become. Nutrient-rich foods are a by-product of healthy relationship and the act of becoming.

Wild Cattle

Heritage & 100% Grass-Fed and Finished Cattle

Wild Pigs

Heritage & Holistically-Foraged Pigs

Wild Sheep

100% grass-fed and finished Sheep

Breeding Stock

Regeneration is Relationship. We need more animals on the land.

Heritage Cattle

Irish Dexter Breeding Stock for Sale in Virginia

The Wilding of the Regenerative Agriculture Movement


Fostering Community for Regenerative Capacity


The WHY of Regenerative Agriculture

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