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Poetry or Soil Health?

The difference between the agriculturalist and the poet is the difference of definitions, really. 

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Kincentrically Rewilding Central Virginia

The Wildland

Let's Cut The Crap. This is grass-born, grass-fed, and grass-finished beef in Central Virginia.

No feedlots. No antibiotics. No hormones. No grains. No preservatives. No herbicides. No pesticides. No cover-crops. No castration. No fungicides. No separation or weaning. No plastic. No spot-spraying weeds. No fertilizers. No dewormers. No forced breeding. Free to roam hundreds of acres at a time. Only nature ... only pasture and forest from birth through life to death.

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Animal Husbandry Reimagined

Kincentric Rewilding Cattle

Instead of focusing on soil health or vegetative communities or breeding calendars or breed registries, our relationship with the land has emerged to understand, thanks to the kind but ungentle prodding of our four-legged cousins, the land as the land. The land as herself. And the land as us, her body writ in a bloody grit.

Not life in this direction or that; not a regenerative life as opposed to a degenerative life; but life. Nonjudgmental. Non-linear. This is the voice that echoes over the lands. There is nothing to search for, there is only to be, to see, to witness the wonderful veins of life wandering with Earth. There is only to let go and to love that which is found when you hold nothing at all.

Wildland Cattle

The Wildland "Open Grazes" about 100 acres at a time, with a singular herd comprised of many extended family units of 10 to 15 bovines, who come together into one thundering herd to migrate from block to block.

We do not manage breeding, we do not supplement their diets, we do not castrate or wean or separate families and their young.

“You are ruining what our ancestors worked so hard for—well-domesticated animals,” voice some and “you must be wealthy if you do not need to maximize production,” echo others who are probably more intelligent and probably better at managing cattle than us.

They are definitely richer than us. We often struggle to reply to such comments. We sit back in silence and sadness. No, we think. We just don’t have a right to enslave the cow, or life for that matter, to profit, to "regenerate" our own culture's misdoings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions concerning The Wildland

What is your Most Recent Book?

Released Spring, 2024, Firth's latest book is Stagtine: Kincentric Rewilding, Science, & A Tale of Letting Go. It is Book I of what we are calling The Wildland Chronicles, a three book, nearly 1,300 page trilogy about The Wildland, its philosophies, corresponding science, and so much more!

Is your meat organic?

Great question! If you mean "organic" as something that is not chemically-infused with modern herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides, such as glyphosate, Grazeon, paraquat, 2 4-D, and more, YES!

The Wildland absolutely, entirely, completely, does not and has never used any chemicals on the land, with our animals, or around our buildings. Never. Ever. This means no dewormers, only chemical free hay and minerals, etc.

Why don't you castrate your animals?

Well, first off: they are not "our animals." And second off: we will castrate them when we are okay being castrated ourselves.

Why don't you call yourselves "regenerative?"

Ah, this is an easy one! Regenerative agriculture takes industrial capitalism for granted and Mother Earth's resources as a guarantee. But industrial capitalism is ruining the world and Earth is not a resource, but a relation (Robin Wall Kimmerer).

Read Stagtine to learn about this and so much more.

Wildland Evolution

A land let go