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The Wildland Chronicles, Book I

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In Stagtine, Griffith illuminates the gauntlet that is modern life and agriculture, industrial or regenerative, and rather than telling us how to run the race, he suggests that we step back, turn within, and look to all relations for guidance on how to inform our next steps. 

Stagtine questions through epic and intimate stories:

  1. The misconceptions of the Climate Crisis in view of a "living climate" where biology is withdrawing away in grief.
  2. The role of stress in nutrient-dense meat, wherein slaughter in place of harvests reduce the bioavailability of nutrients.
  3. The free and autonomous communication of life’s systems and how, if we are to co-create abundant and beautiful life, we must let go and share right relationship.
  4. The epigenetic plasticity in herbivores when they are allowed to live in extended families and how these emergent systems impact grazing and overgrazing.
  5. The misconceptions of the regenerative grazing protocols and systems of today that posit that ancient herds of mobbing, mowing, and moving herbivores ever inhabited this landscape.

Foreword by Dr. Fred Provenza.

340 pages.

Format: Paperback
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Format: Paperback
Instant Downloads: Audiobook
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