Central Virginia, August 23-25th

The Kincentric Table: Beef and Goat Harvest and Processing Class

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A Sacred and Hands-On Harvesting Class


What if the husbandman became the hunter? What if the field harvest erupted as a ceremonial and kincentric art? What if becoming a 'student of your survival'  emerged as a hope-filled and 'sacred reawakening' of our human form, as Earthlings?

Grief and glitter: together we will become Earthlings. Together, we will work to unbind and untether ourselves from the uncreative sciences of today and learn our humanity through the sacred gift of the field harvest. 

No corrals, no cages, no fear. Using nothing but our hands and simple, human-scale tools, we will track the herd in over 100-acres of the Wildland and then harvest a Wildland bull and bucks while they are yet with their herds, letting go of our control and allowing the herd's ceremony to rise and walk with us, amongst us, unabated. We will cry together. We will light fires and eat while we work, honoring and learning what we honor.

From this space, we will then work to break down a 30-day dry aged bull and aged buck that were prepared in advance without creating any waste. In place of a 60% carcass yield that is common in processing today, we will learn how to utilize 100% of the animal, our cousin, continuing to honor each ligament, each muscle, each ounce of life that is waiting to be reborn. We will also begin the tanning and hide preserving process (fleshing, salting, and more). 

By the class's end, you will leave with the inner confidence and physical know-how to harvest cattle and goats at home, kincentrically.


All Students Receive

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The full class with intimate hands-on experience + 1 paperback copy of our latest book, Stagtine, and 1 year access to our online community where we can continue discussing and learning with and from each other (a $95 value)!

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Past Student Reviews

“The Wildland’s Kincentric Table was one of the most important and informative courses I’ve taken. I was saddened to learn how much food is wasted by our mainstream practices of animal harvesting; yet invigorated to engage in the practice myself for the proper treatment of the animal and the full use of its wonderful body.

Daniel is an incredible teacher who combines expert level guidance and instruction but remains down to earth and easy to learn from. I highly recommend taking any of Daniel’s courses! They have changed my relationship to food and farming.”

Kyle Kingsbury

Past Student Reviews

We participated in both a beef and a lamb field harvest class at the Wildland. Both were absolutely amazing. The field harvest itself provided a whole new perspective on how animals and humans should interact as part of one ecological system, the fullness of which is generally lacking in the regenerative movement. Daniel is a fantastic instructor and we left the class with the confidence we needed to do several subsequent lamb field harvests on our homestead, with a beef harvest planned for the near future.

Alexander C.


Class Schedule

August 23rd, Friday
4pm: Wildland Tour and Meet The Herd.
5pm: Horse Purification
6pm: Dinner and Fire Ceremony

August 24th, Saturday
6am: Harvest Goat Buck
8am: Breakfast
9:30am: Harvest Bull
12:30pm: Lunch
2pm: Finer Beef Processing
6:30pm: Dinner

August 25th, Sunday
7am: Breakfast
8am: Finer Beef Processing
12pm: Lunch
1pm: Goat Processing
4pm: Goodbye

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered below, just contact us! We are happy and excited to meet you!

Why is this class prices as such?

Most field harvesting classes and workshops are in the $2,000 range due to the fact that multiple animal's lives must be taken for the course to happen, producing great amounts of meat that must be honored and gifted away.

For us, we have reduced the cost of this course to $1,400 to make it more accessible to folks who are ready to learn and celebrate this life with us. It is priced as such to allow a limited number of students so that hands-on learning actually occurs and the intimacy remain well had.

Are meal included?

Yes! All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are included in the ticket price! All meals are 100% organic, non-gmo, local, grown or produced on farm, and contain NO seed oils. Every meal is also hand prepared and made by the Wildland family, which means no pre-prepared or "stock" meals.

What if I do not have any previous experience?

That is no problem! This class is constructed with you in mind! No matter your previous knowledge or experience, this class is built to give you the confidence upon your leaving us to do this again in your own farm, life, etc.

All experience levels welcomed!