The Wildland Chronicles

Stagtine Seminar, June Cohort (SOLD OUT)

$175.00 Sold out

Tuesdays from 7pm - 8pm EST, June 4th - August 6th!

Do you want to take a deep dive into Stagtine with Firth, chapter by chapter, thought by thought, exploring the intricacies, details, stories, and nuances of kincentric rewilding? 

This live, 10-week, and online cohort-based course is created for those who want to read and study the book with the author.


Course Overview

Stagtine Seminar

Watch this video to learn more about the Seminar and all that is included!

If your circumstances mean that the regular fee would be an obstacle, get in touch to arrange a reduced rate. Contact Us!

Nothing is required or asked of you. If you want to abuse this relationship, that is between you and Creator and we mourn for you.

Course Overview

What to Expect

In this 10-week, cohort-based course, we will slowly and together (in a LIVE environment) unpack and hold the "kincentric rewilding worldview," as it is laid out in Firth's latest book, Stagtine.

Every week, there willd be required readings from Stagtine, alongside a large collective of organized, supplementary papers and scanned books that will help further our faculties to question Understanding and better carry us back into being human, the mammal, once again.

When you sign up, you will receive the book (if you do not have one already) and a syllabus with attached Course Reader.

If you want to intimately walk through Stagtine with the author and a group of like-minded friends, engaging in rich and deep conversation along the way, this is for you!

How the Seminar Works

Conversation & Community

Upon signing up, you will receive a full Seminar Syllabus with Stagtine and Course Reader, over 600 additional pages of suggested readings, organized for these sessions!

We meet over Zoom for a 60-minute seminar (conversation) session each week.

The seminar sessions opens with a few minutes to land together as a group. Then Firth gives a short talk introducing this week’s theme and key questions.

The second half of the session is a time for questions, conversation, and reflection.

At the end of each session, following a short break, you are welcome to join us for the afterparty – this is a chance to hang out and meet each other in a more informal setting.

A video of the main session will be shared within a day or two, and these will be available for participants to view for six months after the course.

At the end of the series, you are welcome to stay with us as part of the Round Table, a self-organizing community whose members, met through earlier series, gather regularly on Zoom.

stagtine's themes

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