A Trilogy on Kincentric Rewilding

The Wildland Chronicles

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In Stagtine, Griffith illuminates, through an epic tale of his family's transition from a struggling regenerative farm to a pioneering kincentric rewilding landscape, the gauntlet that is modern life and agriculture, industrial or regenerative, and rather than telling us how to run the race, he suggests that we step back, turn within, and look to all relations for guidance on how to inform our next steps. 

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About The Wildland

Kincentric Rewilding in Action

The Wildland is a pioneering kincentric rewilding project in Central Virginia that is challenging what it means to be wild and how we, the mammal Homo sapiens, and not we, the industrial capitalist and savior of the world, can help heal Earth, together, as Earthlings. 

In place of this rewilding and regenerative mythology (that humans can control our way forward), The Wildland is a co-creative crescendo of extended families that, through interspecial and intergenerational genomics and relationship burst, slowly and ever slightly, as a land-race of symbiotic life. It is home to wild cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, and horses, alongside nesting black bear families, river otters and beavers once again in the Piedmont uplands, and mountain lions and their bobcats, coyotes, and other friends running at their heels.

The Wildland is a home of life and not a home made for life.

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The Wildland Chronicles

All of the below articles, journals, and more are published on Firth's Substack, The Wildland Chronicles, you can comment and discuss these articles and more!

Earthen Exam

Often, Earth throws diamonds and gold up from her womb as an experiment, to see what our species will do. Cut and color combine clearly under her ultimate heat and...

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The Cacophony of Roots and Rise

The day. The morning. The dancers. The dance. We—the stillness, the verve, the cacophony of roots and rise of reclamation and rest—dance.

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Why Big Publishers Have Sales Departments

“What were they like, grandpa?” They will ask as they bounce on our knees or maybe they will ask as they kneel at our graves. “They were profitable.” We will...

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Kincentric Rewidling Cattle


Adaptive genomic, family-based & and-race bovine (Mashona x Corriente, Sanga x Dexter).

Kincentric Rewilding Horses

Draft and Riding Horses

Adaptive genomic, family-based, and land-race dual purpose horses (Canadian thoroughbred x Hanovarian x Draft x Quarterhorse).

Kincentric Rewilding Goats

Wild Goats

Adaptive genomic, family-based, land-race goats that thrive on rough forage and rough conditions (Kiko)

Kincentric Rewilding Chickens


100% Woodland Range land-race chickens.

Two & Four Legged Cousins

Learn more about each of our teachers, our cousins.


Adaptive genomic & and-race bovine (Mashona x Corriente, Sanga x Dexter).

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Adaptive genomic & land-race goats (Kiko)

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Dual purpose (draft and riding), adaptive genomic horses (Canadian thoroughbred x Hanovarian x Draft x Quarterhorse).

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Zero input, woodland chickens (composite breeds).

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A History of the Wildland

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2011: Degenerative Disease

Firth is diagnosed with a degenerative genetic disease while playing football and undergoes 3 years of surgeries.

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2014: Farming Transition

Faced with little hope, Firth and Morgan begin studying regenerative farming and permaculture.

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2015: Síochánta Baile

Translated as "the place of peace that we call home," Síochánta Baile was our first attempt at a "farm," producing poultry and a market garden.

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2017: The Wildland

Overwhelmed and disenfranchised by regenerative agriculture's need for control and domination, we let go and commenced on a journey through kincentric rewilding.

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We seek tutelage as mammals, as humble observers of Earth, with visions aside and the delusion that we can save the world through more industry or that we can control our way out of the modern mess laid to rest.

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