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The Wildland Chronicles, Book I



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It is not the cow. And it is not the how. Stagtine is a book about asking old questions and not about finding new solutions. It is about humanity, the mammal, and not humanity, the savior of the world.

Our modern mythology is the climate crisis. From mass species extinctions that tally at pace with exhaled breath to the reigning of carbon and pollution that suffocate our scorching days—she is knocking, and she is at the door.

We are told that we need to do more: do more to save the world, do more to build efficient, regenerative systems. We are told agriculture is here to save the day. But will it be enough?

What if that was the wrong question? What if climate change is not a crisis to be solved but a living force inviting us back into relation?

In Stagtine, Griffith illuminates, through an epic tale of his family's transition from a struggling regenerative farm to a pioneering kincentric rewilding landscape, the gauntlet that is modern life and agriculture, industrial or regenerative, and rather than telling us how to run the race, he suggests that we step back, turn within, and look to all relations for guidance on how to inform our next steps. 

Rather than the modern story that humans must “save the world,” Stagtine circles inward to a simpler, more ancient proposal: we can enliven our visit to Earth by relinquishing control and stepping into right relationship with one another and the landscapes we inhabit.

Foreword by Dr. Fred Provenza.

340 pages.

Format: Paperback
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The Wildland Chronicles

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