The Wildland, D. Firth Griffith

Dark Cloud Country


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From Next Generation Book awardee Daniel Firth Griffith erupts a groundbreaking collection about the WILDING of the regenerative agriculture movement.

Part mystical stories and poems where trees talk and briars walk, part lyrical studies of mathematics and art, Dark Cloud Country is a pioneering portrait of the WILD in and around us.

In Dark Cloud Country, Griffith debuts a new paradigm for WILDING-what he calls the Four Relationships: chaos, bounds, art, and singularity. Instead of offering us regenerative practices, Griffith's Four Relationships invites us to open our minds to transform the way we think so that our community with Mother Earth becomes elevated from dominance to reciprocity-a journey that begins by dropping your shears and opening your ears; one that begins by taking off your shoes.

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With this selection, you will receive a paperback copy of Dark Cloud Country.

Format: Paperback
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The Wildland Chronicles is the name of this Trilogy on kincentric rewilding and Firth's online community where are are, together, (re)learning what it means to be human, the mammal, and not human, the industrial capitalist and savior of the world.

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