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She Asks for Your Tears, Not Your Toiling.

Soil is the co-relationship of matter, form, and bounded purpose, or creation, that works in the local place, that is known in and only by the local place, and that...

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Poetry or Soil Health?

The difference between the agriculturalist and the poet is the difference of definitions, really. 

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Crinkle & Crackle

Even our great Mother’s organs of sense and love now pulse ultimately through the closing arteries of her upcoming slumbers and her veins open wide to welcome the weary, winter...

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Skyborne Magicians

The clear cutters worked this landscape. Our red-tailed magician lived this landscape. 

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Two Hearts, One Gift

She did this, consciously, and she did this from the inside out. While the singular trunk of our tree worked in the wind, her heart split and two trees worked...

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Mornings & Kicking Clay

That is the magnificence of our marvelous world, if we become ecstatic enough to want to see it. Like drinking under the morning mist or planting the storied memories of our migratory lives...

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Dingle, Dingle, Dangle

Dingle dingle dangle, the moss its grasp entangles. Dingle dingle dangle, its age our life and spangle. The lapping shores were our lapis, the wind-swept sea our limit. Dingle dingle dangle, the...

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Sun Twined Boles

The sapwood’s presence demonstrates that voids are not voids but something else more entirely real. Such is true with time.

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