Happy Cattle raised under the dappled shade of native Virginia trees, on pasture. That's it.

Our 100% Grass-Born, Fed & Finished Heritage Cattle spend their lives roaming the Wildland, grazing and foraging over 179 identified species of pasture and wildwood plants. This is beef the way nature intended.

Verified Regenerative Beef from 100% grass-born, fed, and finished heritage and happy cows in Central Virginia.

Our Heritage Irish Dexter cattle spend their lives outside on rich pasture and abundant silvopastures, with native grasses often above their heads, as they enjoy the seasons rolling by and as they are nourished by their tides by co-creating gravity itself.

Our dedicated team of holistic managers and wildland ecologists intensively oversee our singular herd, never castrating, separating, or weaning any of the animals, and often moving them twice per day to new and abundant pastures.


This is beef the way nature intended, WILD.

All of our provisions are raised ethically, locally, and on verified regenerative pastures and forests that DO NOT USE pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, hormone stimulants, fertilizers, etc.