The Science and Art Behind Rewilding

"To uncultivate means to be both the clay and the pot, an element with promise and a tool entirely empty, without context—without water, without the potter, without life itself."

WIld Like Flowers: The Restoration of Relationship Through Regeneration by Daniel Firth Griffith

What do you do when science struggles to keep up with the story? You tell the story anyway!

Science is a great tool, but a limited one. It often struggles to let go, to let life be. It struggles to leave be what it is incapable of understanding--it is not great at the honorable harvest.

Below is a rich list of articles, videos, publications, books, and recorded webinars that our Wildland Team has written or organized, for the use of greater learning and wilding understanding. Some are heavily scientific, others are stories and podcasts that, through community, observation has proven effective.

May 16, 2021
Wild Like Flowers

Wild Like Flowers: The Restoration of Relationship Through Regeneration

September 20, 2021

S2:E1 – Wendell Berry, Alexis de Tocqueville and the Need for the Conversationalist in the Regenerative Movement

September 8, 2021

Who Is Timshel Wildland?

"We are the ecosystem; the resillience; the abundance.”
July 29, 2021

NEW VIDEO: Fostering Community for Regenerative Capacity

“The eradication of control is in many ways the application of community function from a microclimate perspective. "
May 20, 2021

Webinar: Against the American Grain – Farms of Change in a Wild Community

Join us for a conversation about growing food for humans in a changing climate - enhancing, protecting and preserving the wild landscape and building community in a multi species world.
May 11, 2021

EP3: To Nurture Death Is To Cultivate Emergence | Death in the Regenerative Cycle | The Wildland Podcast

May 6, 2021

Daniel Firth Griffith’s Story of Regeneration | The WHY of Regerative Agriculture

May 4, 2021

EP2: To Let Go Is To Capture Abunbance | Our Rewilding Journey | The Wildland Podcast

May 4, 2021
The Wildland Podcast Episode 1

EP1: To Harvest, We Must First Become | Foundations of Rewilding | The Wildland Podcast

May 3, 2021

Conservation, Humility, and the Need for More Grazers

May 3, 2021

EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) Monitor Training

Train to be an Ecological Outcome Verification Monitor with the Savory Institute on June 14-19, 2021 at Timshel Wildland!
April 15, 2021
Daniel Firth Griffith

On The Philosophy of Regeneration with Daniel Firth Griffith

April 3, 2021

Hold the Pesticides, Please!

April 3, 2021

Livestock Minerals & Pasture Laboratories

March 17, 2021

Farmer’s Footprint Farmside Chat with Daniel Firth Griffith

March 10, 2021

The WHY of Regenerative Agriculture: Interview with “Wild Like Flowers” author Daniel Firth Griffith

March 8, 2021

Wild Like Flowers | Daniel Firth Griffith on the Intellectual Agrarian Podcast

February 3, 2021
Foundations of Soil Health

What Are The Foundations of Soil Health?

February 3, 2021

How Rewilding Reduces Flood Risk

December 11, 2020

Webinar: Holistic Health and Well-Being

October 3, 2020

How to Grow a Blueberry Guild in a Temperate Climate Successfully

April 24, 2020

Seed Dispersal by Herbivores

March 16, 2020
What is Agroforestry

Agroforestry Systems Design, Keyline Geometry, and Why Agroforestry is Vitally Important.

January 3, 2020

Estrogenics, Glyphosate, and Breeding Stock

January 1, 2020
Restoration Ecology

Shifting Baseline Syndrome in Restoration Ecology


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