Heritage & 100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef in Central Virginia

Soil Health is a Product of Community Resillience!

We are regenerating our relationship to nature, within nature, so that we can then regenerate our soils, sequester carbon, increase bio-diversity, nourish through nutrient-rich foods, co-create reciprocity, and heal our communities.

100% Grass-Born, Fed, and Finished Heritage Beef for our Central Virginia community.

We are a dedicated team of holistic managers and wildland conversationists that operate off of the belief that wild animals intensively and rotationally graze on their own due to seasonal pressures, breeding and calving tendencies, and predator-prey relationships for eons before the complex was consumed by the complicated; before pastoralists were consumed by agriculture. In his book, American Buffalo, Steven Rinella writes that, in 1784, an Appalachian traveler compared recently buffalo- grazed ground to “land that had been ravaged by an invading army,” and he compared the winding buffalo trails to “public roads in a populous country.”

Nature’s result following this dense and entirely natural herd-effect was nutrient-dense soil growing nutrient-rich forages, habitats, and environments.

This historical legacy is the birthright of our 100% grass-fed and finished cattle program.

Our Heritage Irish Dexter cattle spend their lives outside on rich pasture and abundant silvopastures, with native grasses often above their heads, as they enjoy the seasons rolling by and as they are nourished by their tides by co-creating gravity itself.

Toxic Chemical

Absolutely NO pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, hormone stimulants, fertilizers, vaccinations, etc.

Undue Stress

All life nutured is free to express, to live, to thrive. The only thing we control is where they are grazing today!

Excessive Input

The only inputs we provide are Certified Organic minerals, fresh spring water, and pasture. That is it!

Human Pressures

All life nutured is free to breed when it is desireable, to wean when welcomed. We do not castrate, separate, or wean. EVER!

Taste The Difference!

We are one of the largest breeders of Irish Dexter cattle in the Mid-Atlantic.

The Dexter is a native Irish breed known for their ability to thrive in mountanous and rougher conditions. They are small framed, agile, horned, hardy, healthy breed of ancient cattle that require little to no inputs to maintain such conditions.

Their beef is more tender than other cattle breeds and contains more Omega-3 fatty acids that typical grass-fed beef.

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