Based in Nelson County, Virginia, Commons Provisions (Commons) is the first company founded on the converging principles of verified regenerative and local foods. Commons’ mission is to help protect our planet and minimize supply chain shortages so frequent during Covid-19, while saving local, small-scale family farms. Really, by saving local, small-scale family farms.

Commons has developed an unique network of local and family farms that raise verified regenerative meat products, and then coordinates the harvesting, processing, warehousing, marketing, packaging and delivery of such products direct to local doorsteps through an online marketplace.

Plans are already in place to reach restaurants, universities, hospitals, and large institutions through regional Commons’ food hubs.

Commons is disrupting the local food system by deconstructing and rebuilding it from the ground up, so that local food is enjoyed locally and 84% of every  dollar the customers spends on their online marketplace flows DIRECTLY back to the verified regenerative and local family farmers, compared to 14% in the commercial retail model.

Regenerative agriculture is a type of farming system that strives to increase biodiversity, enrich soils, create wildlife habitat, improve watershed health, and sequester more carbon than it releases in the production of nutrient-dense and chemical-free food. In the case of livestock production this means allowing animals to graze in pastures, fields, or rangeland, rather than being confined to feedlots, which is how about 99% of the meat consumed in this country is produced. Regenerative agriculture is similar to organic, but in the case of meat production, it is significantly more beneficial to the planet since the majority of organic meat products sold in stores does not come from animals raised on pasture, but organic feedlots.

Commons is about community nourishing community.