What if we told you that soil health doesn’t matter?

What if we told you that nutrient density in meats requires something more than rotationally grazing cows consuming lush grasses growing on healthy soils. What if we told you that grass-fed and finished beef (or lamb, or bison, or goat) could have almost no difference than grain fed and industrialized beef?

Don’t get us wrong: soil health, nutrient dense foods, and grass fed meats all are fine things. But do they actually matter? Do they actually matter if the whole of the ecosystem is not cared for?

Achieving healthy soils on the backs of underpaid and entirely colonized farmers is degenerative; not regenerative.

Achieving nutrient dense beef on the backs of unhappy cows that are themselves managed by unhappy and completely stressed and disadvantaged humans is degenerative; not regenerative.

Soil health without soul health is degenerative.

This is why we believe a new food system is needed—a new system built on new paradigms, new rules, new mores, and new minds. A system that fosters soil health, nutrient density and healthy meats by FIRST nurturing the SOUL of our (YOUR) community.

Regeneration is the outcome of relationship, not soil health.

When you purchase meat from Commons, you are directly supporting our SOUL to SOIL mission: heal the soul of the community to then heal its soils.

You dont have to buy our meats. But whoever you do buy from, ask them: does soil health matter? …and listen to what they say. Their response will tell you everything you need to know about the actual “health” of their provisions…

You are welcome here. Will you join us?