About The Wildland

Soil Health is a Product of Community Resillience!

We are regenerating our relationship to nature, within nature, so that we can then regenerate our soils, sequester carbon, increase bio-diversity, nourish through nutrient-rich foods, co-create reciprocity, and heal our communities.

Timshel Wildland is a 400-acre regenerative, process-led, and emergent conservation wildland located south of Charlottesville, Virginia and in the heart of Central Virginia. Since 2017, the land – once a horse farm turned degenerative commercial cattle farm – has been devoted to a pioneering reWILDING project.

The vision of Timshel’s Wildland Project is to unify the missions of conventional nature conservationists and regenerative farmers, to produce natural abundance by partnering with the copious abundance of the natural – the wild – world. We are not driven by specific goals or target species, but the health of the whole, a vision achieved by truly holistic management.

We are humbly challenging both the regenerative movement and traditional conservatist rhetoric in an attempt to illustrate that cattle and butterflies; pigs and ground nesting birds; pasture grasses and shrubs and trees; and sheep and bears and mountain lions can do more than co-exist – they can co-create a more beautiful world. We believe this collaborative system can foster greater ecosystem regeneration, increased carbon sequestration and water cycle health, bio-diversity, wild species restoration, and richly healthful meats.

Timshel Wildland is the demonstration site and landbase of the Robinia Institute, a regional Hub of the Savory Institute that offers courses, consultations, and apprenticeships in the fields of natural citizenship, holistic management, and wild ecology. Under Timshel's leadership, Robinia is pioneering land transition and regenerative scaling capital and consulting projects alongside bioregion-wide producer network emergence to co-create a uniformly diverse abundance in their region.


History of the Wildland

  • 2019 Savory Hub

    1-year into our Rewilding Journey, we caught the eye of the Savory Institute and became the Mid-Atlantic's Regional Hub, working with their team to regenerate communities and the grasslands/forests that they depend on!
  • 2018 The Wildland Emerges

    While traditional regenerative agricultural practices are powerful, we fell in love with letting go, losing control, and letter emergence be truly emergent--wild, chaotic, and abundant!
  • 2015Timshel is Born

    While raising chickens and growing a market garden is what commenced our farming journies, we found that our genius, our holistic context, rotated around larger and wilder landscapes and ruminants. The opportunity to transport our operation and passion for regeneration to Central Virginia arose andd we summited!
  • 2014 Síochánta Baile Farm is Born

    With the addition of Chickens, really, with lifestyle change and the creation of and connection with community, Daniel's health started to return and Morgan and Daniel started farming with fervor. Síochánta Baile is an ancient irish name, meaning, "The Place of Peace that I call Home."
  • 2013Turned to farming to participate with health, not just seek it.

    While sitting on the back porch of his family's home and reading, "Folks, This Ain't Normal" by Joel Salatin, Daniel's mother, who had been with him from coast to coast and surgery to surgery, said, "Daniel, we have tried everything. But we have not tried Chickens."
  • 2011Daniel is diagnosed with severe and rare genetic diseases.

    A national champion highschool wrestler and nationally-ranked D1 top football recruit, Daniel's athletic life terminated with surgeries, proceedures, medical complications, bone and organ degeneration, and severe depression.

We strive for healthy cattle inasmuch as we endeavor to restore wildlife habitat, for the symbiotic partnership of these two instruments – these two smaller wholes – form the melodious symphony of a truly wild abundance.

Using rewilded grazing and foraging animals within wild management systems as the drivers of ecosystem succession and habitat creation, we are attempting to restore the dynamics of wildlife and wild process on our land. A goal that places human life a bit closer to being Native to this place.

All life nurtured in the Wildland is free from toxic chemicals (pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, hormone stimulants, fertilizers, etc.), undue stress, excessive input, and is free to live an emergent life of natural abundance.

Toxic Chemical

Pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, hormone stimulants, fertilizers, etc.

Undue Stress

All life nutured is free to express, to live, to thrive.

Excessive Input

ex: only about 2% of our pig's diets are supplemental grains, compared to about 60% in standard forest-raised operations.

Human Pressures

All life nutured is free to breed when it is desireable, to wean when welcomed.

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