“Process-led conservation allows nature to reveal the limitations of our own understanding and the plasticity of species. We assume we know what is good for a species but we forget that our landscape is so changed, so desparately impoverished.” 
Isabella Tree

Timshel is a nearly 400-acre regenerative wildland located south of Charlottesville and in the heart of Central Virginia. Since 2017, the land – once a horse farm turned degenerative commercial cattle farm – has been devoted to a pioneering reWILDING project.

The vision of Timshel’s Wildland Project is to unify the missions of conventional nature conservationists and regenerative farmers, to produce natural abundance by partnering with the copious abundance of the natural – the wild – world. We are not driven by specific goals or target species, but the health of the whole, a vision achieved by truly holistic management.

We are humbly challenging both the regenerative movement and traditional conservatist rhetoric in an attempt to illustrate that cattle and butterflies; pigs and ground nesting birds; pasture grasses and shrubs and trees; and sheep and bears and mountain lions can do more than co-exist – they can co-create a more beautiful world. We believe this collaborative system can foster greater ecosystem regeneration, increased carbon sequestration and water cycle health, bio-diversity, wild species restoration, and richly healthful meats.

We strive for healthy cattle inasmuch as we endeavor to restore wildlife habitat, for the symbiotic partnership of these two instruments – these two smaller wholes – form the melodious symphony of a truly wild abundance.

Using rewilded grazing and foraging animals within wild management systems as the drivers of ecosystem succession and habitat creation, we are attempting to restore the dynamics of wildlife and wild process on our land. A goal that places human life a bit closer to being Native to this place.

Wildland Tours

Stop and smell the flowers, hear the story of the oak, and witness rich mixed-grassland regeneration via wild animal impact.


Wildland Camping

Luxurious camping on the side of hill and on the edge of our woodland, surrounded by nearly 400 acres of the Timshel’s rewilding project. This is real wildlife camping.


Wild Meats

Animals are the drivers of ecosystem regeneration, habitat restoration, and overall system’s health. Join the community of nature by eating wild.

Eat the Wild